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What is identity check?

Members can submit their identity to This identity is checked versus the information they have posted on the internet. This includes their gender, location and age. If all the information that are posted are similar to their ID a star and an identity checked icon are given to that member.

What does the stars that i see accompanied with all usernames mean? has a seriousness rating system for the registered members. The more stars the member has the more likely the member is serious in getting married and finding his life partner.

=Not serious (Free membership with unfinished profile)
=Maybe serious (Free membership with complete profile or pic)
=Somewhat serious (Elite member with unfinished profile / Free membership with pics and complete profile)
=Serious (Elite Member with complete profile or pic / Free membership with pics and complete profile and have sent an id)
=Very serious (Elite Member with complete profile and pic)
=Extremely serious (Elite member with complete profile and pics and have sent an id)